The Community-Owned P2P Exchange

The only exchange that distributes 100% of profits back to token holders

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  • 1. Opportunity

    Thanks to LocalCoinSwap, traders can purchase any cryptocurrency directly

  • 2. Sign In

    Simply sign up to LocalCoinSwap, instantly, and without unnecessary verification requirements

  • 3. Explore

    Search a wide variety of cryptocurrency ads for the best deal

  • 4. Trade

    Agree on the payment method and enter into a trade

  • 5. Trustless Transaction

    LocalCoinSwap holds the cryptocurrency in escrow while direct payment is made between traders

  • 6. Complete Trade

    Once payment arrives the cryptocurrency is released to the buyer, and the trade is complete

  • 1. Invest

    Purchase LocalCoinSwap Cryptoshares (LCS) through the Initial Coin Offering

  • 2. Profit

    The LocalCoinSwap exchange makes profits from the escrow fees in all the currencies traded on the platform

  • 3. Distribution Of Dividends

    At the end of the quarter, 100% of the profit is distributed to Cryptoshare holders

  • 4. Equal Weighting

    If an investor holds 1% of LCS - they receive 1% of the profit

  • 5. Airdrops

    When new ICO’s are listed on the platform, all LocalCoinSwap Cryptoshare holders receive a small amount of that token in return for each Cryptoshare they own

  • 6. Income

    Receive a continuous stream of income in multiple currencies, just from holding a single asset

Cryptoshare ICO

Directly trade any cryptocurrency, using any conceivable payment method, in any geographical location

  • Community focused

    Dedicated support team, integrated social media features

  • Community owned

    100% of profits distributed to users through the blockchain

  • Democratically operated

    Operated through voting in a proof-of-stake system

  • World’s most inclusive exchange

    Instant signup, no verification & no restrictions

  • Complete transparency

    Public financial announcements, open-source contract code

  • Extensive coin coverage

    More cryptocurrencies than any other peer-to-peer exchange

  • Cutting-edge security

    Multi-signature transactions. 95% of funds in cold-storage

  • Intrinsic token utility

    Dividend profits in multiple currencies. Airdrops of new ICO tokens

Problems & Solutions

LocalCoinSwap addresses some of the greatest issues of cryptocurrency markets

  • The cryptocurrency economy is currently filled with giant monopolies

    LocalCoinSwap distributes 100% of the sites profits to holders of Cryptoshares on a 1-to-1 basis, through a blockchain-based decentralized dividend application.

  • Existing P2P marketplaces support only a minuscule number of cryptocurrencies and payment methods

    LocalCoinSwap will open with a minimum of the 10 most traded cryptocurrencies, expanding continuously to integrate more. The funds raised in the crowdsale are being used to increase the selection of currencies supported at launch.

  • The only available exchanges exclude many users and are unsafe or difficult to use

    LocalCoinSwap is the world’s most inclusive exchange. There is no discrimination, instant signup, and no verification required. The trading interface is safe, easy, and fun.

  • Dominant exchanges suffer from centralized banking and trading restrictions

    LocalCoinSwap features a completely distributed peer to peer trading system. There are no centralized bank accounts, no verification requirements, and no restrictions on trade.

Cryptoshare ICO

Cryptoshare Benefits

  • Dividend Income Stream

    LocalCoinSwap decentralises the most crucial part of the exchange: the profits. Cryptoshare holders receive guaranteed rights to 100% of the profits from trades on the LocalCoinSwap exchange.

  • Access to an entire portfolio from holding a single asset

    Cryptoshare holders receive profits in all of the cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange, an income stream denominated across an entire portfolio of digital assets.

  • Cryptoshare holders run the exchange democratically in a proof-of-stake voting system

    An open source democracy contract hosted on the blockchain publicly tallies votes on user-submitted issues to decide the operation of the exchange

  • Cryptoshare holders receive airdrops of new ICO tokens listed on the LocalCoinSwap platform

    LocalCoinSwap provides a listing service for new ICO tokens to allow them to launch on the LocalCoinSwap platform or raise pre-ICO and presale funding. When new tokens are listed Cryptoshare holders receive an advance airdrop, as well as access to special offers on new listings

The Marketplace

The world's most inclusive cryptocurrency marketplace

More cryptocurrencies, more payment methods

  • LocalCoinSwap will offer a wider selection of cryptocurrencies than any existing peer-to-peer exchange.

  • LocalCoinSwap will offer all conceivable payment methods for purchasing or selling, including custom options added by the community.

Community-focused, community-owned

  • LocalCoinSwap incorporates social media interactivity into the trading platform, with custom user profiles, friend lists, achievement badges and special awards.

  • Cryptoshare holders run the exchange together in a proof-of-stake voting system. Vote on additions of digital assets, site updates, new business ventures, and more.

Safe, secure, and hassle-free

  • Multi-signature transaction options available for supported currencies.

  • 95% of site funds kept in offline cold-storage wallets.

  • Scenario-tested escrow system and global support team creates trustless trades between users.

  • Interactive feedback and trust system promotes hassle-free trading.

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