FAQ - What Will Make LocalCoinSwap A Better Platform Than Existing Peer-To-Peer Platforms?

LocalCoinSwap supports the most diverse range of cryptocurrencies and standard digital payment methods out of any peer-to-peer exchange in existence.

Most exchanges tend to only support a single currency or a small list of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

LocalCoinSwap will cover the most extensive list of cryptocurrencies and payment methods possible, with a dedicated development team whose sole purpose is the programming and implementation new crypto and fiat currencies.

LocalCoinSwap offers special support for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaigns and new token projects, allowing them to easily launch on our platform with options of attractive campaign offers for the users on the exchange as special pre-ICO and presale deals to raise additional funding.

For a more detailed explanation on the benefits of the LocalCoinSwap platform please refer to the LocalCoinSwap Whitepaper.

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